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  • About

    Maveric Group Ltd established in 2016 in order to gather all of our companies activities under one company with several divisions.

    Our Activities include:

    Aviation: Maintenance, Training, Consulting, Spares, Light aircraft design & production, Aviation tools, UAV design & production , CAD-CAM Design services.

    Chemicals: We are producing innovative environmental friendly rust & corrosion removal-protection chemicals. Our experience on this sector during the last 16 years includes design of custom systems for Oil drilling, Foundation rebar treatment, Oil and gas pipe treatment, Gas tanks treatment, Compressed air tanks treatment etc…..

    CNC machinery: We design customized CNC machinery including routers up to 5 Axis, Plasma-oxy cutters 4 axis, small size turning centers. Our design office design custom machines for various sectors including: Plastic piping, Metal –Plastic machining, textile industry and others.

    Product Design Services: Our design office with combined experience of design and production in various sectors and materials offers product design and production planning including cost reduction studies.

  • Aviation Division

    Maveric Aviation Division is the main core of our Business. With experience of more than 20 years in light aircrafts, civil and military helicopter parts, Airliners leasing and maintenance, we are gathering our various activities under Maveric Group in order to provide the best services and products for our current and future customers.

    Our C-130 specialized division offers specialized technicians, training and AOG support for C-130H and L100.

    Our proprietary light aircraft designs include utility and special mission models cover niche markets that currently not covered efficiently.

  • Chemicals Division

    Maveric Chemicals is a Maveric group Division specialized on rust - corrosion removal and protection chemical products.

    MC-51 product line includes safe, environmental friendly rust removers in form of liquid and gel. Our unbeatable MC-51 Corrosion eliminator will protect from corrosion or rust any type of metal for up to 18 months. It is also ideal protection for electronic and Electrical circuits from humidity or direct contact with water.

    Cooling System Flush is a rust remover product especially designed for use in automotive and industrial cooling systems.

  • Contacts

    • 71-75 Shelton Street,Covent Garden,WC2H9JQ, London England
    • info@maveric-group.com
    • +44.2037696644

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